Work in progress on side stuffs

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/06/27 - 18:06

I've received the very good Ian Johnston PDVS2mini device and I'm currently testing it.

PDVS2mini graph

The Siglent SDM3055 is currently used to do the temperature measurement and Keysight 34470 (modded version) is used to measure output of the device.


Some additionnal stuffs

I've received stuffs to build the compute server needed to analyse all captured data from Siglent SDM3055 A/D converter (AD7190).

I'm also working on network/hosting/servers/emails due to massive increasing of internet attacks.

All these tasks take me long time.


About Siglent SDM3055

About the new software for the Siglent SDM3055, the resampling implementation (power line sync) is not fully operationnal. But the first tests were very good (around 2 bits improvement over noise free bits).