Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - Display optimizations

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/06/06 - 11:30

Basic quality rendering

The rendering engine consumes a lot of resources in order to achieve a high quality display.
The drawback to this quality is the processor utilization. The linux "top" command indicates around 78% at NPLC=1

The display elements need to be rendered... but not all the time !


New rendering

I've implemented a tile-detection instead of pixel-detection to provide a good detection of elements updated.
The difficulty was to adapt the display processing which use a double-buffering and page flipping.
But the challenge is successful. Using the previous rendering and adding updated elements is the solution.

Now the linux "top" command indicates around 52% at NPLC=1

Thanks to this better rendering efficiency, the display is even more reactive with a measured refresh rate of 50FPS.
It's significative while using NPLC=1 under a 50Hz powerline frequency.

SDM3055 with new software