Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - general informations

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/05/29 - 08:57

The program named "SDM3055XM" (temporary name) is a replacement software for the SDM3055.


Why ?

The hardware could provide very good results but the original software only provide basic performance of the internal ADC (AD7190). The internal ADC have some flaws while converting data.

I had difficulties when using the device, lack of measurement precision, limited interface, lack of functions, limited functions...

This new software attempts to exceed the original performance of the ADC in an attempt to achieve higher results.
The software also has a mains synchronization feature to further improve the measurements.


How ?

The new software is written in assembler and C from scratch. The hardware limitations imposed by the ARM processor require a lot of optimization work in order to process the data as well as possible: a lot of optimization work is necessary.

The measurement results are better than those obtained by the original device. There is a very large digital processing of the ADC data in order to obtain the most accurate result. Mathematics and statistical analysis can do this.