Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - pre-alpha 2

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/05/29 - 08:49

Working progress or the new software for the Siglent SDM3055

Features actually working
- Function selection : DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, R2W, R4W, Diode and Cont
- Bargraph with min/max
- Stats
- High speed CONT-test at 250Hz with Beeper
- Power line frequency detection
- PLC selection from 1PLC to 100PLC (50Hz) or 120PLC (60Hz)
- Range selection

I've uploaded a new test video :
- Powerline sets to 60Hz
- Source signal is 3Hz 20Vpp
- Settings : DCV 20V, 1PLC, PLSync Off, ADC mode is Standard