Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - general informations

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/05/29 - 08:57

The program named "SDM3055XM" (temporary name) is a replacement software for the SDM3055.


Why ?

The hardware could provide very good results but the original software only provide basic performance of the internal ADC (AD7190). The internal ADC have some flaws while converting data.

I had difficulties when using the device, lack of measurement precision, limited interface, lack of functions, limited functions...

Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - Display optimizations

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/06/06 - 11:30

Basic quality rendering

The rendering engine consumes a lot of resources in order to achieve a high quality display.
The drawback to this quality is the processor utilization. The linux "top" command indicates around 78% at NPLC=1

The display elements need to be rendered... but not all the time !


New rendering

Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - Power line sync

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/06/04 - 20:32

I'm currently working on the power line frequency synchronization.

The internal ADC, the AD7190, have a frequency precision of +/-4%.
This frequency deviation causes error in my conversion function.

The software assisted frequency compensation will provide a PLC enabled design.

The selected and tested resampling implementation method uses a 256-points FIR filter with multi-phase Interpolator sin(x)/x and a Kaiser-Bessel derived window. All calculations are done in 64-bit floats.

Software replacement for Siglent SDM3055 - pre-alpha 2

Submitted by alexia.gossa.root on 2021/05/29 - 08:49

Working progress or the new software for the Siglent SDM3055

Features actually working
- Function selection : DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, R2W, R4W, Diode and Cont
- Bargraph with min/max
- Stats
- High speed CONT-test at 250Hz with Beeper
- Power line frequency detection
- PLC selection from 1PLC to 100PLC (50Hz) or 120PLC (60Hz)
- Range selection